AT+Sync v2.0 Runtime Tester

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This sample application lets you test what's exported from the AT+Sync Revit plugin.

The application is based on Unity 2020.3 LTS in URP and uses AT+Explore for player movement and interactions.

Please note that this app uses a runtime module of AT+Sync that is not included in the plugin available on the Unity Asset Store, contact us at for more information.

How to use it

  • Install the Revit plugin from here LINK
  • Export the 3D View from your Revit project
  • Unzip this content
  • Open the app SyncURPRuntimeDemo.exe
  • Select the exported view from the menu
  • Move around the scene using your keyboard and mouse

What's Next

If you're happy with the result you'll be able to get the exact output of geometries and materials in a Unity scene using the editor version of AT+Sync, get it from here!

  • You'll get the Sync Runtime Tester

  • Size
    25.6 MB
  • You'll get the Sync Runtime Tester
  • Size25.6 MB


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AT+Sync v2.0 Runtime Tester

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